About Me

I got by p3rcival online. If not, usually just a variation of Percival. Im 20 as of writing this.

Im a fairly young guy who doesnt really know what he is doing. And thats okay. I grew up in mostly the San Fransisco Bay Area, and its where Im living.

Music was always an important thing for me and its usually how I can communicate and connect with people. I have a hard time doing that alot of the time.

Im not musically gifted but I do like a good tune. Into stuff like Dead Kennedys, City Morgue, Wu Tang Clan, MF Doom, and MDC. You can probably assume my political

leanings based on the first and last band if you know anything about them. Im not super heavy into the punk scene in the Bay Area, but I try to go to shows when I can.

Im pretty into video games. First was into things like Zelda and Kirby growing up and those games still have a place in my heart. As I got older, I got drawn to

First Person Shooters, especially old school ones like Doom and Quake. Ill have the maps I made for those posted here eventually. Always been into fighting games

but it was until 2019 where I got into them heavy. Ended up going to Genesis 8 for the Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo tournament they held and later in the same year, went to EVO.

Fighting games probably influenced me on how I view the world, to have an attitude of self reflection, improvement, and to strive the be the best you can.

I dont really have a manifesto or anything but I do have a few core beliefs about random things